Get These Items for a Productive Home Office

Get These Items for a Productive Home Office

If you're one of the millions working from home, you know how difficult it can be to separate your work from your home. With distractions in every corner (like your cute but clingy pet or your noisy neighbors), it can be easy to gear off your tracks. But a designated workplace can fix that.  

 Here are the seven essentials we recommend for getting started.  

A Desk

If you choose anything on this list, make it a priority to get a desk. Operating from your couch, bed, or kitchen counter is non-negotiable. Your environment is your foundation. No clear workspace established leads to destruction. 

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A Monitor

Within the last decade, laptop users have skyrocketed. The portable machine is a staple for those who like to work from wherever their feet land, but the compact screen can be limiting. Assuming you need to expand your screen size without breaking the bank, opt for a Monitor - the perfect way to maximize screen space at a fraction of the price (no need to buy a desktop). 

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Supporting Back Chair

Like your bed, invest in a chair that promotes comfort. Sitting for hours can damage your back over time and affect your health. Shop around to find one that works best for you, while assisting with your posture.

 Happy with your chair but need extra support? check out this cushion chair.

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Organization Supplies

Getting and staying organized is a skill one must maintain. Organization allows us to save time, space, and hassle. To get successful and optimize your space, purchase organizers and storage bins to store documents and stationery items. We like these. 


Speaking of organization, ditch your digital planner with a physical calendar. Detach from technology and stimulate your brain while planning your days and marking deadlines and meetings. 

Tip: Place it on a wall for maximized visibility.

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Good Lighting

Invest in quality lighting to elevate your space! If you live in a city that doesn't catch sun year-round the right lighting is a game changer to your workspace. You can say goodbye to eye strains from your computer while staying camera ready for your at-home meetings.

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Personalization Items

The last thing we recommend is adding personalized elements to your space. Hang photos of loved ones, add a plant to bring in greenery, or choose accessories that make you happy. You deserve a space that you love. 

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