Here's What to Eat on St. Patrick's Day for Good Luck

Here's What to Eat on St. Patrick's Day for Good Luck

The time has come! St. Patrick’s Day festivities are right around the corner. With the well-known holiday recognized around the world. St. Patrick’s Day honors Saint Patrick himself, a man who brought Christianity to Ireland. Taking place in the middle of lent, Christians were able to pause their fast to celebrate and eat whatever they desired.  

If you're on the hunt for a delicious St. Patrick's meal, below you’ll find some inspo, don't forget to eat your hearts out and wear green. 


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1. First Things First, Corned Beef & Cabbage

Corned beef & Cabbage is a classic St. Patty's Day meal. Although not popular in Ireland, it's a hit around the world. Made with tenderized beef and perfectly cooked cabbage paired with potatoes and carrots, the flavors go together well. It's so simple you'll wonder why you've never had this. 

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2. A Good old Shepard's Pie, My Favorite!

This savory dish originated in Ireland and is, in fact, my favorite.  Who doesn't love a baked pie filled with gravy full of veggies and meat, topped with mashed potatoes? With this meal baked in a large pan, it is best to serve family style, perfect for a crowd!

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3. A Traditional Irish Meal, Lamb Stew. 

If it's cold where you live or wanting a delicious bowl of soup, make this delicate lamb stew. In Ireland, lamb season happens in March, making it easy for Irish citizens to get a hold of it. This staple meal comes together in one pot with simple and hearty ingredients. 

Representing Ireland and its history- it’s a cultural fave on St. Patrick's Day. 

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4. Some Irish Soda Bread for luck. 

The famous Irish dish eaten year-round is the classic Irish Soda Bread. What makes it stand out from traditional bread is the absence of yeast. Instead, it’s assembled with baking soda and tons of buttermilk. Pair it with your favorite jam and sugar for a sweet flavor or some butter for a rich taste. 

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5.  Last but Certainly Not Least, Bacon and Cabbage.

Bacon & Cabbage takes the crown of St Patrick's day cuisine. Constructed with Irish bacon and cabbage - it is then paired with mashed potatoes and topped with a tasty parsley sauce.

Tip, boil the bacon and cabbage together in a pot for maximum flavor. 

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