3 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day Without the Romance

3 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day Without the Romance

 Valentine's Day may have been the year's most anticipated holiday in grade school. It was a time full of arts & crafts, picking out the perfect box of valentine's cards. And best of all, staying up and double-checking that every kid in the class received a personalized treat. The sweet-filled holiday allowed us to show love and kindness without exclusion.

But as the years dragged on, the forced sense of romanticism took some of that sparkle away. Nowadays, many people either lament the lack of a romantic partner or ignore the day altogether. But we say scratch that. Valentine's day is meant to showcase the ones you admire, your parents, best friends, and maybe that special someone. But, regardless of your relationship status, celebrate love in whatever way suits you.

This Valentine's Day release that inner child and spread the spirit of genuine affection, here are three ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day - unromantically. 

  1. A day for Random Acts of Love.

The first recommendation would be to serve others. Isolation and basking in our individuality are heavily normalized, even more post-pandemic. Interacting with others through small gestures can steer us away from that. There is power in random acts of service/love, big or small. Many people express that a small comment like “Your hair color brings out your eyes” brightens their day. Spread love through random acts. If you need some inspiration, here are seven ideas!

  1. Buy groceries for someone in need.
  2. Support a small business.
  3. Make a care package for someone you love. 
  4. Give flowers to strangers.
  5. Pay for someone's drive-thru order. 
  6. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.
  7. Gift a gift to a friend.

Here's a gift that we love, and it is right on theme: Hot Stuff Potholder Gift Set from DII Home Store

Image from DII Home Store

  1. Host a Valentine’s Day Party!

 A Valentine’s Day party is the ideal way to showcase the true meaning of the holiday, spending time with those you love the most. Besides, who doesn't love having an excuse to deck out your home with cute decor? 

 Like any other gathering, fill the day with fun elements to keep your guest busy. Make sure to play games, eat great food, and if you want to go the extra mile, give out personalized favors or have an exchange of cute little valentines. Whatever you do, have fun - a Valentine Day themed party is too sweet to miss. 

Here are some great decor ideas!

1. A heart filled table runner to lay out all the food. 

2. Adorable Napkin rings and heart printed Napkins to take it up a notch. 
3. A set of 4 heart shaped bowls to place decor or food in.  
4. A cute door mat to let our guest know the party has begun!


All Images from DII Home Store

  1. Do something "Good for Your heart."

Last but not least - my favorite, do something that you love & feed your soul. Ask yourself, what do I enjoy?  A massage, taking yourself out to your favorite eat (or getting takeout to avoid the crowd), whatever it is, treat yourself!  Filling Valentine's Day with your guilty pleasures is the ultimate Self-Care and loveable act one can do. After all, adoring yourself is the best form of love.



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