Here are the Top Spring Activities to Do This Season

Here are the Top Spring Activities to Do This Season

Are you looking for new activities to welcome in the new season? Below you’ll find a list of activities to do this spring. Enjoy the warmer weather and the sun setting later in the day with these six activities. 

Staying in has come to an end.

  1. Make a Bird Feeder.

A DIY Bird Feeder is an inexpensive and interactive activity. If you have kids, make this an educational experience (perfect for earth day).  With birds returning to find warmer temperatures, this is the ideal time to create a bird feeder. Using a few materials, you will watch birds come by and enjoy your creation in no time. 

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  1. Bake a Treat with Fresh Farmer Market Ingredients.

When you think of Spring, you think of fresh: Fresh air, fresh house, and fresh ingredients, and what's better than fresh ingredients from the farmer's market? Supporting your local farmers market allows you to use ingredients while strengthening your community.

Make a pie or cake with fruits that are in season and indulge! 

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  1. Start a Garden and Plant Seeds.

The most spring thing to do on the list is drumroll, please- Planting seeds! Growing Veggies, fruits, and flowers is an inexpensive way to add to your garden. Informative and fun, getting your hands dirty allows you to gain power in growing your food or flowers and get outside.  

 Gardening is a hobby for a reason - enjoyable, engaging, and rewarding. 

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  1. Take yourself Out to a Ball Game.

Find entertainment with a ball game. Socializing is essential for humans (not only with media), and a sports game brings people together. Enjoy a night out cheering on your city, eating all the baseball food, and singing along to the game activities. 

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  1. A Picnic in The Park.

A scenic experience while indulging in your favorite foods - have a picnic in the park. Sure- if you don't live in Paris: your view might not be as gorgeous as Champ-de-Mars (Eiffel Tower Park). But you can still find the beauty in your local park while eating tasty finger foods.  

If you want a more aesthetic vibe and are willing to dip into your bank account, hit up a picnic company that provides blankets, tables, and sometimes food -great for a get-together with friends!

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  1. Watch the Sun come up or go down.

Are you an early bird or a night owl? Watch the sunrise or the sunset this spring season!  Listen to your favorite music, journal, or meditate while taking in the beautiful creation. 

Practice being present with yourself while catching fresh air and sunlight.

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Have great Spring and enjoy what the season has to offer. 

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