Modernize Your Kitchen Without Doing a Total Remodel

Modernize Your Kitchen Without Doing a Total Remodel

Modern style...sometimes it’s a little bit out there, but sometimes it really works. Trying to modernize your home? Let’s head into the kitchen. Here’s some tips and tricks on modernizing your kitchen without doing a total remodel.

Paint - when you look at new build kitchens in modern homes, they often feature sleek neutral colored cabinets, sometimes without handles. Installing brand new cabinets is going to be a pain and cost you a lot of money. Instead, embrace the cabinetry you already have with a little paint. Painting existing cabinets white can modernize a kitchen faster than you’d think. Another way to modernize your cabinets is by adding sleek new hardware.

Backsplash - maybe your kitchen has a backsplash that’s outdated, or maybe it doesn’t have one at all. A quick and easy way to modernize your kitchen is with a modern backsplash. White subway tiles are a classic that will never go out of style, or you could be bold and try a black and white geometric design. You can easily create the look you want with stick and peel backsplash tiles or even a removable wallpaper backsplash.

Textiles - swapping out your kitchen textiles for more modern colors and patterns may the easiest way to modernize your kitchen. Opt for black and white items with modern patterns for a sophisticated look or on-trend solid colors for a pop of fun. Things like kitchen towels, pot holders and aprons are a great place to start.  

Appliances - while getting new appliances can be spendy, it can be a cheaper alternative to doing a full blown remodel. Swapping out black or white appliances for stainless steel finished ones can have a huge impact on the entire space. If purchasing new large appliances isn’t an option, at least make sure your smaller appliances all match.

Surfaces - most modern kitchens are clutter free and minimalistic to the eye. These people still have all the same gadgets and gizmos you do, but they have stored them away to keep things looking sleek. Weed through your kitchen tools and donate anything you don’t really need to free up some space. If you’re looking to declutter and organize your kitchen, check out this post to help you through the process.

Lighting - if you’re able to swap out the lighting in your kitchen, or add new lighting that can really help. More modern fixtures will really change the look and help bring the modern look to life. Adding modern pendants above an island is a fantastic look.

Decor - adding some pieces of modern decor to your space will really help modernize it, but don’t go overboard! As we mentioned before, a lot of modern kitchens are quite minimalistic looking so choose your pieces wisely. A modern fruit bowl or catchall for mail is a great place to start.

Now that you have some tips to get you started on your modern kitchen, head over to for stylish, modern storage and decor for every room of the house. If you’re looking for more modern kitchen inspiration, check out our Modern Kitchen Pinterest board.

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