The Ultimate 5-Step Guide to Setting a Thanksgiving Table

The Ultimate 5-Step Guide to Setting a Thanksgiving Table


1. Table Runners

Table runners are a great way to set a Thanksgiving table. Coming in all shapes and sizes, the stylish yet practical dining piece allows you to transform your dining table and create your own space.

As the perfect foundation for your table, lay your food, centerpiece, and anything else needed on top. 

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2. Centerpieces

Elevating your dining space is a remarkable way to bring significance to your dinner. That's why we always recommend using a centerpiece. Centerpieces bring excitement to your dinner party and, you'll be sure to hear the "oohs" and "aahs" as guest enter your dining space. Our favorite Centerpieces are flowers, fruits, and our top pick, candles-shop our candles at

Directions: After laying down your table runner, place a centerpiece directly on top to bring the dining table together.

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3. Placemats

Bring in placemats to protect your table from the mess. The essential item protects your table while allowing you to add your personal touch to entertain guest and serve a big meal with all the fixings year after year.

Placemats are perfect for indoor outdoor table settings.

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4. Cloth Napkins

Using Cloth napkins instead of disposable ones is the secret to leveling up your dining experience. Cloth napkins are stylish, useful, and save you a ton of money. Pairing Cloth napkins with placemats is a fantastic way to set a color scheme for your table.

Don't be afraid to play around with the colors and wow your guests at the dinner table.

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 5. Napkin Rings

Your Thanksgiving spread is the most crucial factor of your Thanksgiving dinner after the meal. And, in this day and age, your camera will eat the food before your guests. That is why it is significant for your dinnerware to be aesthetically appealing. With a table ring, you can dress your table top up for a formal affair or a casual gathering.

Adding the finishing touch with napkin rings complements your place settings.

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Thanksgiving Dinner is the ideal place to show off your hosting skills. Get all of your dining needs at!


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