5 Ways to Style Throw Blankets

5 Ways to Style Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are a staple in every home. They keep you cozy while you read and they are perfect for snuggling up on a cold day with a cup of coffee. As much as we all love throw blankets, it seems like they never have a permanent resting spot. Here's 5 ways to showcase those beautiful blankets and still have them accessible when it's time to binge your favorite show.


1. Casually Draped 

Casually draping blankets over sofas or chairs gives your living space a "no fuss" vibe while keeping your throw off the ground and in easy reach. This look is great with smaller sized blankets and those with a chunkier knit. Topping the blanket with a contrasting throw pillow will pull the whole look together. // Photo from Rooms For Rent Blog



2. Blanket Ladder

Blanket Ladders are perfect for the blankets you want to show off, but also want to keep up off the furniture. Pick a ladder that matches you aesthetic and it will be decorative and useful. Ladders range from wood to metal and can be used for a single blanket or for your whole collection. // Photo from A Burst of Beautiful



3. Folded and Stacked 

Folding and stacking blankets may seem like a plain solution, but it doesn't have to be. Mix and match patterns and textures for an artful stack of cozy blankets. Choose blankets of similar color palettes and varying sizes to create a cohesive look. Stacks also make blankets easily accessible while getting them out of the way. // Photo from Rebecca Atwood Designs  



4. Neatly Folded 

You can't go wrong with the classic neatly folded throw blanket. It's simple, it's chic and it ties the room together. Thinner blankets, with or without fringe, look best styled this way. Using this technique puts the blanket in easy reach of anyone lounging on the couch or chair but isn't as bulky as a casual drape. // Photo from A Burst of Beautiful



5. Blanket Basket

Blanket Basket

Blanket baskets are the perfect for storing multiple blankets, and especially blankets that may be to large for draping or a blanket ladder. Pick a basket (or other container) that fits your style and then roll, fold or drape the blankets. Baskets are also a great place to toss extra throw pillows when you need to get them out of the way. // Photo from Poor Little It Girl


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