7 Inspirational Home Decor Color Palettes

7 Inspirational Home Decor Color Palettes

Deciding on a color palette for your home can be one of the most tedious things. Sometimes the inspiration comes from a beautiful jewel toned couch that you love or the soft oatmeal blanket you have to have. When inspiration comes from an item, you are then able to build around the item. You find complementary items and choose your neutral palette all based on this one piece. What happens if you don’t have a piece you’re working around? What happens when your staple items are already neutrals? Well luck you...the world is your oyster! You can go any direction you choose. Check out these 7 Inspirational Color Palettes centered around a neutral base.


These burgundy ottomans create a beautiful pop of color in an otherwise neutral room. A light carpet and light pattern pillows help the room feel open and airy, while the deep wood and metal coffee table creates a warm and cozy look. If a non-neutral sofa feels to bold, go for smaller furniture that costs less and can be swapped out more easily. // Photo from The Everygirl


Beautiful blush accents transform this otherwise neutral bedroom. Blush pairs well with grays and whites and can help a room feel youthful and fresh. The gold accents and dark wood flooring in this room create a regal look. Headboards and throw pillows are a great place to add accent colors. They won’t overwhelm the room as bedding might. // Photo from Bows & Sequins


The pop of periwinkle on these lower cabinets bring this otherwise white kitchen to a whole new level. Paired with a beautiful Persian inspired rug and deep wood accents, this kitchen is stunning without being overwhelming. Adding color to pieces with a vintage feel is a great way to spruce up something that feels drab and outdated. // Photo from Imagine Great Living



The indigo wall in this bedroom is a bold choice, but it really pays off. This blue bedroom really comes together with the while bedding and metal bed frame. Deep blues are soothing and can make the space feel regal without feeling overwhelmingly dark. When going full force with a color scheme, make sure all of the shades complement each other. // Photo from Mad About The House


This gorgeous bedroom screams luxury and style. The teal accents pair nicely with the white to brown color gradient and the patterned rug adds a fun flair to the room. The amazing gold chandelier makes this room feel elegant yet modern. Don’t feel like you must stick to one shade of a color, adding lighter and darker variations can really bring a room to life. // Photo from AVE Styles


This room is filled with neutrals, and while they are beautiful, on their own they can feel boring. What really ties this room together is it’s bold rug and oversize plant. Greenery can brighten up any room and is a pop of color that goes with every color scheme. If you don’t have a green thumb, try fake plants or succulents. // Photo from The Glitter Guide


If colorful furniture or accent walls aren’t your cup of tea, don’t worry...having a neutral color palette doesn’t always equal bland. This stunning neutral living room is brought to life by a gorgeous gallery wall, fun printed pillows and plants. Play with patterns, you might be surprised how well they can complement each other. // Photo from The Everygirl

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