Bathroom Storage + Organization Tips

Bathroom Storage + Organization Tips

Let's talk about bathroom storage and organization. Keeping your bathroom tidy can do wonders for your sanity when you're getting ready, and you'll thank yourself for being organized when you're running late. Here's some tips and tricks for making the most of your bathroom storage space and staying organized.


Adjustable Under the Sink Shelving: In most bathrooms, the majority of storage space is housed under the sink. The worst part about trying to utilize this space is when the pipes get in the way. Try this adjustable storage shelf that works around pesky pipes for optimal storage.

Install Floating Shelving:  Adding shelving to your bathroom gives you a place to get things up off the main vanity. If you have a pedestal sink, adding some shelving will be a heaven-sent in terms of storage. When you don’t have floor space to add anything large, floating shelves are the perfect solution.

Storage Cubes + Bins

Storage Cubes: If you have ample space under your sink or on shelves but aren’t sure how to organize it, opt for collapsible storage cubes. They will provide a clean uniform look and will help keep this nice and tidy. In a shared bathroom give each person a different color or pattern. These cubes are collapsible, so they store away easily if they aren’t in use.

Storage Bins: Storage bins are a great way to keep things organized and looking chic. This wide selection of bins come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for everything from extra towels to toilet paper or bath toys!

Shower Organization

Shower Rack or Shower Tower: Adding a shower rack that hangs off your showerhead, or a tension rod shower tower will give you ample space for storing all your products while keeping them off the tub ledge.

Second Shower Rod: Installing a second shower rod in your shower can be the ultimate lifesaver, especially if you have high ceilings and can’t install a shower tower. Add a tension rod on the inside of your shower and add hooks to hang things. Check it out here.

Drawer + Counter Organization

Drawer Inserts: One of the best ways to maximize storage and get super organized is to use drawer inserts. You probably won’t realize how much storage space there really is in your drawer until you get organized.

Countertop Storage: Ideally you won’t have much on your countertops. If you can, try to keep countertops clean and only keep out the thing you actually need (or the things that look nice.) If you must utilize the countertops for storage, acrylic storage units, mason jars and little tins can all make good storage spaces.

The easiest way to have a nice, organized bathroom is to get rid of things you don’t use and keep it clean. For all your bathroom storage needs visit!

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