5 Rugs You Need in Your Home + FREE Rug Placement Guide

5 Rugs You Need in Your Home + FREE Rug Placement Guide

Let’s face it when you think decor rugs are probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Rugs are kind of...boring! Rugs mean having to measure and move furniture and the bigger the rug, the more expensive they get. Rugs might not be exciting but they can elevate your home. 

Here are 5 areas of your home that need a rug. They will make a difference. Trust us!

Living Room - if your home isn’t carpeted you need a living room rug. A rug in your living room ties everything together and gives your living room a cozier feel. // Photos from Pinterest 

Bedroom - having a rug in your bedroom will help anchor your bed, muffle the sound of footsteps for early risers and keep your toes toasty on cold mornings. // Photos from Pinterest   

Design Tip: Don’t let a carpeted home deter you from experimenting with rugs, we highly suggest layering rugs. Adding a high pile rug over low pile carpeting adds dimension and texture to the room. 

Kitchen - not everyone likes having a rug in their kitchen, but it can add a nice element of comfort. Opt for a low pile or washable rug or runner in your kitchen for easy cleanup. // Photos from Pinterest 

Dining Room - adding a rug to your dining room has many benefits such as protecting your floor from damage, muffling chair noises and giving your space a more cohesive look. // Photos from Pinterest 

Design Tip: Sometimes we fall in love with a rug that is just a little bit too small for the space. Instead of finding a new rug or going rugless, we suggest layering the smaller rug with a neutral rug 1 - 2 feet larger. Jute or plain woven rugs work perfectly for this. 

Outdoors - rugs aren’t just for indoors! Adding rugs to your outdoor spaces is a must for outdoor entertaining. Follow the same guidelines and placement tips for outdoor dining and seating areas as you would for indoor, but make sure to opt for rugs that are meant for the outdoors. Outdoor rugs are made to withstand weather and more wear than your regular rugs. // Photos from Pinterest 

Find a great selection of rugs in all shapes, sizes, and patterns at diihomestore.com!

Getting your rug placement and size right. You’ve found a rug you love, but is it the right size? Are you placing it in the right area? Check out our rug placement guide below.

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