DII Taupe Woven Paper Table Runner, 14x72"

SKU: CAMZ35687

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  • One a budget and need to prepare for a party? DII paper runners are wonderful for elegant dinner parties, weddings, catered events, and more.
  • These runners are an affordable solution to achieve a modern and chic look that will make your guest take notice, especially if you throwing an event and need to decorate multiple tables.
  • Imagine how wonderful these table runners could be as centerpieces to add flair to your event. Create texture on the table with this runner and add a flower vase and decorative pieces on top.
  • The modern, chic look is sure to catch the eyes of your guests, bringing an extra layer of glamour to your event.
  • To clean shake briskly and wipe with a damp cloth; To view more of our products click the DII link at the top of this page.