DII Patella Knee Strap Pair Bright Blue XL/Xxl


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  • Place the strap around the knee, below the kneecap and over your patella tendon to provide relief from knee discomfort. Pull the strap snugly to release tension and give immediate relief from knee pain.
  • Patella injuries can be a hindrance to performing any physical activity. The patella knee strap relieves the pain and discomfort from strenuous activities and no longer restricts your movements allowing you to maintain an active life.
  • The neoprene and nylon material makes the strap feel lightweight around the knee. It has a sweat absorbing fabric to prevent a wet feeling on the knee when doing physical activities.
  • Our fully adjustable knee strap provides a snug fit around your patella tendon to your desired tightness. The perfect fit around your knee reduces the pressure on your patella tendon and alleviates pain.
  • The soft padding of the patella knee strap provides support with the neoprene material. The velcro straps allow you to adjust the compression to your liking, making it comfortable to wear. It is non-restricting and lets you do any physical activity with ease.