DII Fruit Basket With Banana Hook

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  • Measures: 10.25"D x 14.5"H, made of metal with rustic finish and removable hook. Great way to display your fruits and vegetables on the counter while hanging bananas & grapes without causing any bruising.
  • Keep most of your fresh fruits or veggies in one easy to access place. Place on counter or in a pantry. To clean simply wipe with a damp cloth or sponge.
  • This cute bowl with hanging hook is a great way to display a fresh selection of colorful food in your kitchen, encouraging healthy living with access to fruits and vegetables for easy consumption.
  • Hanging hook is perfect for holding grapes, bananas, or other hangable fruits or vegetables. The bowl can be used to keep fresh eggs or other pantry items. Use for buffets or small dinner gatherings to serve a selection of fresh food.
  • Give as a housewarming present or wedding gift, this is a classic look that will fit with any home décor while offering a functional purpose.