DII Fresh Aloe Juice Skin Hydrator

$6.00 $23.99
  • Aloe vera juice skin hydrator is a must in your daily beauty routine - captures the active ingredients of fresh aloe vera - brightening, soothing, tightening, and rejuvenating the skin
  • Aloe vera juice skin hydrator repairs sun damage and reduces acne by infusing the skin with natural botanical nutrients - the perfect first step in skin care
  • Aloe vera juice skin hydrator is a natural product for all skin types - great for those with sensitive skin, beauty ingredient inolerances and for those who just want to treat their skin well with none of the added harmful ingredients
  • For best results use the full line of pure aloecare skin products. when used together they help to maximize effectiveness and results.
  • Made with organically grown aloe vera. No added color or fragrance. No animal testing. Made with proprietary aloe vera processing technology from the USA.