DII Aloe Vitality Hydrating Sleeping Mask

$7.50 $28.99
  • Aloe vera hydrating sleep mask works hard on hydrating your skin while you sleep - the formula is fast penetrating and easily absorbed. starts working as soon as you put it on
  • Aloe vera hydrating sleep mask provides an instant boost of moisture and immerses your skin in non-stop hydration while you sleep - wake up feeling refreshed with smooth skin
  • Aloe vera hydrating sleep mask include pure aloecares' skin loving botanical nutrients - your skin will thank you for protecting and hydrating every night
  • For best results use the full line of pure aloecare skin products. when used together they help to maximize effectiveness and results.
  • Made with organically grown aloe vera. No added color or fragrance. No animal testing. Made with proprietary aloe vera processing technology from the USA.