6-Piece Wool Dryer Ball Mixed Set

  • 100% all natural 6 pack of wool balls are made out of 100% organic new zealand wool, making them a much gentler alternative to dryer sheets or plastic dryer balls
  • Simply place 3 balls into dryer for small to medium sized loads. Use up to 3-6 balls for medium to large loads. Do not overload dryer
  • These wool balls have a natural anti-static quality that will help eliminate static cling, wrinkles, lint, and reduce your need to iron your clothes
  • Chemical free 100% new zealand wool balls can be reused for up to 1000 loads and shortens drying time by up to 25%, reducing appliance usage and shrinking your electricity bill
  • Make your clean laundry smell even more fresh by adding a few drops of your favorite europa essential oil directly to the wool ball before placing in dryer. Search europa essentials pure oils or europa essentials synergy oil to start exploring the collection