DII Green / Gray Make-Up Bag

  • Cosmetic Bag measures 6.5" in diameter x 9" in height, has room for everything you need without being bulky. Simply place all your necessary travel toiletries or cosmetics, pull drawstring closure, and go!
  • Durable polyester fabric, Nylon straps, and zipper pulls to match color on bag. Wipe clean with damp sponge as needed.
  • This bag is the perfect travel companion because of the light weight material, protects toiletries from shuffling around, and takes up less room in your suitcase or luggage.
  • See all items at a glance as soon as you open the drawstring bag so you can quickly grab the cosmetics or toiletries you need!
  • Not only great for many different types of travelling such as plane, bus, train, and car but could also serve as an at home cosmetics bag for everyday.