Clear Glass Spray Bottle Set of 2 With Labels, 8oz

SKU: Z01714
  • Set of 2 - 8oz Clear Glass Round bottles with spray tops are refillable and versatile. They can be used for lotions, soaps, cleaners or cooking
  • The pump tops are perfect for room sprays, water, cleaners and more. The glass bottles are made of a thick glass that is dishwasher safe
  • The glass bottles are perfect for homemade beauty products. Create your favorite cleaning or beauty product and add to the bottle
  • The glass bottles feature a sleek, modern design - includes charlkboard labels to easily label your bottles. These glass bottles will look great in any room! Perfect for giving your homemade beauty products or cleaners gifts during the holidays
  • The glass bottles are BPA free making them the best alternative to other plastic spray bottles for cleaners, toners, beauty products and more