DII Argan Essential Oil (30ml)

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  • Argan oil is a natural moisturizer renowned for its protecting and healing abilities. Quickly absorbed, it will leave your hair and skin feeling silky & smooth. Cold pressed argan oil is rich in vitamins & nutrients, courtesy of nature, fantastic for skin & hair.
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines by restoring and protecting the skin's hydrolipid layer. Discover nature's ultimate secret to beautiful, glowing skin.
  • Massage desired amount through hair when wet to hydrate, restore elasticity and prevent split ends, while leaving your hair soft and shiny.
  • Rub into cuticles daily to soften skin around nails and keep your cuticles moisturized, minimizing hangnails and dry areas.
  • 100% undiluted, therapeutic grade quality with no fillers or additives. Cold pressed, unrefined extra virgin argan oil from morocco. cosmetic argan oil should be cold pressed & should not have the same "nutty" smell as cooking/culinary argan oil. For external use only.